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A large excision of the pilonidal cyst with long wound healing is no longer appropriate.

We offer you all our knowledge in the minimally invasive treatment of the sinus pilonidalis,

with pit picking, sinusectomy, laser therapies and non-surgical treatment options!

Treatment of pilonidal cyst

The therapy of a Pilonidal Cyst ist always surgical.

A simple sentence that actually explains everything. However, when patients are sent to the surgeon or to the neighboring hospital, e.g. by their family doctor, the large-area excision (excision) is usually always recommended, which is better known to patients as the so-called "butcher method". The shock runs deep.


This is by all means a simple, inexpensive and quickly performed operation with a low recurrence rate (recurrences), which every surgeon knows how to perform and which is also further recommended in the guidelines. 


However, the big problem is the long time of wound healing, which is often stated as 6 weeks until closure of the wound. Unfortunately, this is not the case and in our practice we have many patients after such operations who still have an open wound after 6-12 months, with understandable physical and psychological problems of the (often young) patients.


We have therefore thought about what alternatives there are and have specialized in minimally invasive therapy procedures in the treatment of the Sinus pilonidalis for over 9 years.


This term covers operations in which no major tissue is excised and which can be performed under outpatient conditions in the practice, mainly under local anesthesia. 

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Our treatments for Pilonidal cyst without surgery

wound cleaning

Wound pilonidal cyst

In many cases, detailed wound cleansing with hair removal under local anesthesia and the administration of a specially mixed ointment containing the antibiotic metronidalzole is sufficient to close the wound.

shockwave therapy

schock wave therapy pilonidal cyst

In orthopedics, shock wave treatment has become a standard procedure. The shock waves lead to a stimulation of blood circulation and vascularization in the corresponding tissue region, which results in tissue proliferation.

platelet rich plasma

platelet rich plasma therapy pilonidal cyst

Through PRP therapy, growth factors and stem cells are extracted from the patient's own blood and injected into the corresponding tissue. This strongly stimulates tissue growth.


Minimally invasive therapy of pilonidal cyst in Berlin

Pit Picking

pit picking pilonidal cyst

Here, under local anesthesia, the abscess cavity with the fistula ducts is excised via a small lateral incision. The small fistula ducts (pits) in the midline are punched out.



operation pilonidal cyst

In sinusectomy, the fistula tract is completely removed through a small incision so that only small wounds are present. This procedure often includes pit picking.



Laser therapy

laser op pilonidal cyst

Under general anesthesia, a laser diode is used to close the fistula tract with the pits by emitting energy in a circular pattern. Small scars remain. It is only suitable for longer, not too wide fistula courses.


Since 01.06.2021, the costs of our minimally invasive laser therapy are covered by many public health insurances (BKK). Patients from other states in Germany can also be operated on minimally invasively therapy at our center in Berlin. More about laser therapy...

Why come to us?


As a specialized practice, we have been very familiar with this topic for over 10 years and know the physical and psychological problems of our patients. Therefore, trust and empathy are very important to us in addition to professional expertise. 


No costs for health insurance patients

As a legally insured patient, you have no costs for any therapies that are medically indicated, as we are contract physicians of the KV-Berlin. For laser therapies, however, the costs are not covered in most cases.


Short waiting times

Through our online appointment system we always have appointments for you at short notice, please check our online appointment calendar DOCTOLIB


Innovative surgical procedures

Even though we are surgeons, surgery is suggested only when all non-surgical therapies have been exhausted. We want only the best for you and prefer to use modern and painless procedures such as laser therapy.


Exclusive agreements with health insurers

Because we have special contracts with company health insurance companies, we can exclusively offer minimally invasive therapies (such as laser and pit picking) for the treatment of coccygeal fistulas, at no additional cost.



With the experience of over 300 operations per year, we have a very high expertise in the field of coccygeal fistula surgery. Benefit from our experience.


Our team

Dietmar Jacob, MD

PD Dr. Dietmar Jacob

Specialist for surgery, proctology


Speaks german, english

Iryna Hertzsch, MD

Dr. Iryna Hertzsch

Specialist for surgery, proctology


Speaks german, ukrainian, russian

Nina von Rüden, MD

Dr. Nina von Rüden

Specialist for surgery


Speaks german, english

Nicole Klage-Kranke, MD

Dr. Nicole Klage-Kranke

Specialist for surgery


Speaks german


Slobodan Sepe, MD

Dr. (Univ. Belgrad) S. Sepe

Specialist for surgery


Speaks german, english, serbian, croatian, slovenian

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